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  • Subscriptions with extra payment

  • Plans

    Notify.Events offers a convenient billing system based on incoming messages. Each subscription plan determines the number of prepaid messages and the price per message in excess of this number.

    The message limit provided to you in the plan applies only to incoming messages from the sources you added to the channel. Thus, the number of subscribers does not in any way affect the consumption of messages from the package.

    At the same time, as soon as you reach the set limit, an additional fee, provided by the plan, will be charged for each new notification. The cost for each plan is indicated on the Pricing page in the Out of plan line.

    You will be charged until you change the plan to another one, with more notifications included, or until the plan is automatically renewed and the number of messages is restored.

    Each plan also determines the number of channels available, the number of recipients for each channel, advanced features (attachments, chat actions, filtering) and the type of user support.

    When the maximum number of channels or recipients is reached, you will see a note and will be able to change the plan or continue using the current one within the established limits.

    Billing period

    Notify.Events offers 2 subscription models: monthly and annual. The billing period is 30 calendar days for a monthly subscription and 360 calendar days for an annual subscription.

    Auto-renewal of subscription

    At the end of the subscription period, and also subject to the availability of the required amount of funds on your balance, the current subscription will be automatically renewed for the next 30 or 360 calendar days, depending on the current subscription model.

    Automatic switching to the free plan

    If at the end of the billing cycle there are not enough funds on your account to renew the subscription, you will be automatically switched to the Free plan and you will be able to continue using the system within the established limits.

    Plan change

    You can change your current subscription plan at any time by paying the full cost of the new one. The unspent balance of prepaid messages, as well as the validity period of an active subscription, are not compensated and expire at the moment of switching to a new plan.

    Free trial

    For new users, Notify.Events offers a 30-day free trial period during which you can try advanced features and understand which plan suits you best.

    The trial period includes the main paid functionality and is activated automatically after registration. No bank card needed.

    After 30 days, you will be asked to choose one of 5 plans. If no plan is selected, you will be automatically switched to the Free plan. It will be valid until you decide to change the plan.

    Subscriptions with extra payment

    Outgoing messages to some types of recipients (SMS, voice calls, LINE messages) are not included in the plan and require an additional fee for each message sent since we pay for them to telecom operators.

    The required amount is deducted from your balance at the time of sending.

    But even if a notification received from a set source service by Notify.Events then was sent to a "paid recipient", it, like any other incoming messages, is also deducted from the total message limit included in the plan.

    If this limit is exceeded, you will be charged an additional fee not only for each outgoing message but also for all incoming ones.


    The cost of sending a notification directly depends on the number of SMS messages required to send the entire notification text. This number is calculated based on the generally accepted GSM 03.38 standard (160 characters for messages using only Latin characters and 70 characters in all other cases). The cost on the Pricing page is indicated for one SMS message.

    Voice Calls

    Payment is charged for the fact of making a call. The payment is taken regardless of whether the subscriber answered the call and whether their number was online and connected at that moment. This is because sending notifications through a voice call actually consists of two stages: text-to-speech and the call itself; however, the telecom operator does not separate these two transactions and charges for them at once.

    LINE messenger

    Payment is charged for each message sent to LINE.

    Value-Added Tax (VAT)

    Notify.Events provides services to users all over the world. To comply with country and VAT laws, we are required to charge VAT on services sold to individuals (B2C) and entities (B2B) located in certain foreign jurisdictions. Services are subject to the local VAT rate in the jurisdiction where the client is located.

    VAT is charged at the time of payment of plans and other paid services. The amount of VAT and the cost of the subscription, taking it into account, are automatically displayed in the pricing table for the selected country.

    European countries

    Notify.Events is a resident of Europe and, in accordance with EU VAT laws and similar laws of other European countries, is obliged to collect VAT from customers located (having a business/service address) in these countries:

    • Individuals - 21% VAT.
    • Legal entities:
      • with a valid VAT ID provided - 0% VAT;
      • without a valid VAT ID provided  - 21% VAT.

    You can select the payer type and fill in the VAT ID in the Payer Information section (Control Panel > Billing).

    Other countries

    For all other jurisdictions, there is currently no VAT collection, i.е. VAT is 0%.