Billing settings

The Billing screen is a screen for setting up and managing payments and billing. Here you will find all the information about your account balance and subscription, can top up your balance and see information about charges.

The page is divided into several sections:

Billing screen - Notify.Events.png


This section displays your current balance in real currency - money that you yourself deposit to your account to pay for additional services or messages in excess of the subscription, and in bonuses - additional internal Notify.Events currency, which you can earn for referring friends, reviews, etc.

Balance - Notify.Events.png

The currency is determined automatically when registering an account, depending on your country. At the moment, users cannot change the currency. If you have any difficulties with payment, write to us through the contact form.

If there are bonus messages on the account, they will be used to pay for paid services in the first place. Cash will only be spent when the bonus balance is 0.

The Add Funds button allows you to top up the main balance. After clicking on it, you will see a window for selecting the payment amount. Each country and currency has its own minimum amount. For example, in the USA it is $1.

Adding funds - Notify.Events.png

After selecting the amount, click on the Add Funds button. You will be redirected to the payment page. Here you will need to select a payment method, enter the required data and confirm the debiting. If necessary, you can request a receipt by email.

After successful payment processing, the money will be credited to your Notify.Events account. This will be reflected in the Balance field, as well as in the history of operations.


This block contains information about your current plan:

  • Plan name.
  • Period - the number of days that have passed within 1 plan’s payment cycle (30 days).
  • Messages - the number of used messages from the total number of messages available in the plan.
Plan - Notify.Events.png

The Switch button or clicking on the name of the plan will open the Pricing screen, where you can study the prices in detail and change the plan.

Payer information

In this section, the payer's data is displayed. It is necessary for payment of subscriptions or other services. Before adding funds first time, the system will ask you to fill out this form, if you have not done so before.

Payer information - Notify.Events.png

To fill in or change this data, click on the Edit button and fill in all the fields. In the Legal type field, you can choose how you want to pay for services - on behalf of an individual or a legal entity.

Legal entity payer - Notify.Events.png

Country is selected during account registration. Further change of country is currently not foreseen. If necessary, write to us through the contact form.


This section will show you the information of your invoices created when adding funds:

  • Invoice No - individual invoice number.
  • Payment method - information about the payment method.
  • Amount - amount and currency of operations.
  • Date - date and time of operations.

You can download an account by clicking on the icon on the right or on the invoice number.

Invoices - Notify.Events.png

Operations history

This section displays detailed information about the last 10 transactions performed with the account. Namely:

  • Operation ID - an internal serial number, you may need it when contacting our support service.
  • Operation type - payments for messages or subscription plan auto-renewal, crediting of rewards, etc.
  • Amount - the top-up / charged amount or the number of used messages.
  • Status - the status of the operation.
  • Date - the date and time of the operation.
Operations history - Notify.Events.png

The All Operations button will open the Operations screen. It contains the same information, but about the transactions performed during the entire life of the account. Use the pagination and arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen to navigate.

Operations - Notify.Events.png