Viber Custom integration for personal use

To get notifications via Viber, the user needs to create a Viber chatbot. This will allow sending up to 10,000 messages per calendar month for free (according to the Viber Chatbot commercial model).

View detailed instructions on how to create a Viber chatbot >>

But for everything to work, it is important to set up the integration and enable subscription in the properties of the desired Notify.Events channel.

If at least one of these items was not completed, at the stage of subscribing to the channel you will see the following message:

1 Notify.Events - Configure Integration message.png

Step 1. Configure integration

  1. Go to the Integration screen. This can be done via the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the screen. Make sure you are logged in to the system.
  2. 2 Notify.Events - Integrations.png
  3. Click on the Create button.
  4. 3 Notify.Events - create integration.png
  5. Click on the Viber Custom card.
  6. 4 Notify.Events - Viber Custom.png
  7. Fill in all required fields in the integration card:
  8. 5 Notify.Events - Viber Custom setup.png
    • Title - set individual or leave the default.
    • Bot name - copy the bot’s URI rom Viber Admin Panel.
    • 6 Viber - copy URI.png
    • Token - copy your bot's Token from Viber Admin Panel.
    • 7 Viber - copy Token.png
    • Incoming messages processing (and allow subscribing through the Notify.Events interface) - check this box so that Notify.Events can process incoming notifications and you receive them in Viber.
  9. After clicking the Save button, the created integration will appear on the Integration screen.
8 Notify.Events - created Viber Custom.png

Step 2. Allow subscription

  1. Go to the channel properties via the Edit button on the main screen of the Control Panel or on the channel screen.
  2. 9 Notify.Events - edit channel.png
  3. Check the box next to Viber Custom in the Allow subscription via integration field and click the Save button. Viber Custom will be displayed in this field only after successfully completing Step 1.
10 Notify.Events - allow Viber Custom subscription.png

In the next step, you can add custom integration to the channel.

Step 3. Add the custom integration to the channel

After you have configured the Viber Custom integration and allowed the subscription, you can add it to the selected channel as a recipient.

  1. On the channel screen, click the Subscribe button in the Recipients section.
  2. 11 Notify.Events - suscribe.png
  3. On the Channel subscription screen, select Viber Custom.
  4. 12 Notify.Events - add Viber bot.png
  5. Click the button to add the bot to your contact list if you haven't already.
  6. Copy the subscribe command and send it to the dialog.
13 Viber - subscribe via bot.png

Ready! The subscription will now appear in the Recipients section of the channel screen, and you will receive notifications from the chosen services in Viber.

14 Notify.Events - Viber Custom recipient.png

Creating and setting up a Viber chatbot

The easiest way to create a Viber chatbot is to do it through the Viber Admin Panel. Bots are currently supported on iOS and Android devices running Viber version 6.5 and above and on desktop from version 6.5.3.

Keep in mind that Viber limits free chatbot messaging to 10,000 messages per calendar month. If you go beyond these limits, please contact Viber support directly.

  1. Log in to the Viber Admin Panel. You must first have the Viber app installed on your smartphone since Viber will send you a verification code there.
  2. 15 Viber - login to admin panel.png
  3. Click the Create a bot button and fill in the fields:
  4. 16 Viber - create a bot.png
    • Account Image - upload a 400x400 image to be displayed on the bot's profile.
    • Account Name - enter the name that will be displayed for the bot.
    • URI - a bot identifier will be generated automatically after entering the account name, but you can change it. You will need it to configure integration in Notify.Events.
    • Category - select the appropriate category from the list.
    • Subcategory - select a subcategory from the list.
    • Language - select the main language of the bot.
    • Account Description - describe the bot in more detail.
    • Website Address - enter your website (optional).
    • Email Address - enter your email address.
    • Location - add your country, city.
  5. Check all three boxes to accept the agreements and click Create.
  6. 17 Viber - create.png
  7. After that, you will receive a token to connect to the Viber Chat API. Copy it. You will need it to configure integration in Notify.Events.
  8. 18 Viber - token.png
  9. Log in to the Viber app on your smartphone.and go to More > Settings > Bots. Here your bot will be displayed.
19 Viber - created bot.png

Congratulations, you have created a Viber chatbot! Now you can go back to the top of the tutorial and set up the Viber Custom integration to start getting notifications through your bot.

Learn more about creating Viber chatbots on the Viber Developers platform.