Managing Notify.Events channels

The channel management screen is the screen for a specific channel, i.e. feed of events, where you can view and manage basic information about the channel itself, the sources and recipients added to it. This screen also contains data on the latest received notifications and sending statistics for the last month.

Notify.Events channel management screen

At the top of the screen, you can see the channel name displayed. Also there are 3 buttons:

  • Channels - allows to return to the Channels screen.
  • Edit - leads to the Edit screen where you can change the channel settings.
  • Delete - allows you to permanently delete the channel.
Title of the Notify.Events Channel

In addition, the channel management screen is divided into several sections:


Here you will see a list of all source services added to the channel and will be able to manage them using the special buttons:

  • View – leads to the Instruction screen. Or you can click on the source name instead.
  • Edit - allows you to change the source name.
  • Delete - allows you to remove a source from the channel.
  • Add source - leads to the Add source screen to add a new source to the channel.
Notify.Events Sources


This section contains a list of all recipients, or subscriptions, added to the channel. First of all, here you will be able to view the properties of each subscription. Namely:

  • The title of a recipient. By clicking on it, you can get to the subscription configuration screen, where you can disable / enable the recipient, set filters and delayed sending. If the name is crossed out, then sending messages to this recipient is now disabled.
  • Filtering and / or deferred sending - if the Filter column is checked, it means that the filter(s) for this recipient has(ve) been set.
  • Sending of notifications to an individual subscriber or a group of users (the latter is allowed by some types of recipients) - if there is a check mark in the Group column, it means that notifications are sent to a group chat, if there is no check mark, then to private.
Notify.Events Recipients

In addition, this section contains several buttons:

  • Edit -  just like the click on the title leads to the subscription configuration screen.
  • Remove - allows you to delete recipients. Please note that clicking on this button will permanently remove the subscription from the channel's recipient list (until you add it again, going through the whole process of subscribing to the channel again). If you want to temporarily disable sending messages to the recipient, use the Edit button.
  • Subscribe - leads to the Channel subscription screen whwre you can add new recipients.
Notify.Events Recipients — 2.png

Messages for the last month

This section displays the schedule for receiving notifications from the set sources for the last 30 days. The vertical scale indicates the number of messages, the horizontal scale indicates the day of the month.

Notify.Events Messages for the last month


The table in this section displays brief information about the last 5 notifications received. Namely:

  • Title - the specified name of the event or the title of the notification. By clicking on it, you can go to the message viewing screen and see the full message text and delivery details.
  • Preview - a small part of the notification text.
  • Priority - the priority assigned to the event.
  • Level - the level assigned to the event.
  • Actions - actions applied by the subscriber in the chat. Available when delayed sending is configured.
  • Images - the number of images attached to the notification.
  • Files - the number of files attached to the notification.
  • Status - the status of sending the notification to the designated recipients. Green - notification is sent, gray - filtered, purple - in the queue, pink - sending error.
  • Created at - the date and time when the notification was sent.
Notify.Events Messages

There are also some buttons in this section:

  • View - just like the click on the title leads to the message viewing screen.
  • All messages - leads to the Messages screen where you can view messages received from sources for the entire time of using the service.
Notify.Events Messages — 2.png