Notify.Events recipients' commands

Notify.Events offers a wide range of recipient services, and some of them have the ability to perform actions directly from the chat using special commands. This applies to instant messengers, where messages are sent via a chatbot. For example, Telegram, Viber, MS Teams, Discord, Slack, Zoom and some others.

You can check the availability of commands for a specific messenger and see the full list of commands by opening the recipient's card on the Сhannel subscription screen. If command control is provided for the selected recipient, they will be listed in the Available commands section.

Available commands in Telegram

The commands may differ slightly depending on the messenger. For example, the command for calling Help will look like /help in Telegram, help in Microsoft Teams , and /notify help in Zoom.

Command List

  • help - command for calling the Help on commands.
  • help
  • subscribe subscribeKey - command for subscribing to the channel. Instead of subscribeKey, the user must enter the Notify.Events channel token that they want to subscribe to. The token is also indicated in the recipient's card on the Сhannel subscription screen.
  • Subscribe
  • subscribe_list - command for viewing a list of all channels to which the user is subscribed.
  • Subscribe list
  • unsubscribe subscribeKey - command for unsubscribing from the channel. Instead of unsubscribeKey, the user must enter the token of the Notify.Events channel that they want to unsubscribe from.
  • Unsubscribe
  • unsubscribe_all - a command for unsubscribing from all channels the user is subscribed to at once.
  • Unsubscribe all
  • locale locale - a command to change the language of messages. Instead of locale, the user must specify the desired language. For example, ru.
  • locale
  • locale_list - a command for viewing a list of all supported languages.
  • Locale list