Creating a channel

Creating a new channel is the very first and most important step when working with Notify.Events. As part of any Notify.Events subscription, you can create an unlimited number of channels.

To create a new channel, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Notify.Events system, go to the Control Panel and click the Create button.
  2. You will see the Create screen, where you need to fill in the following fields:
    • Title. This field defines the name of the channel. You can, for example, enter the name of your project or the name of the source from which notifications will be collected on this channel. The name will be visible to you and to other subscribers of this channel. It can be changed in the future.
    1. Title.png
    • Group. This field is optional. You can add a group name - the category to which the channel belongs - to quickly navigate the existing channels.
    2. Group.png
    • Public subscription. If you want to allow your team or family members to subscribe to the channel notifications, check the box next to Allow public subscription.

    Additional subscribers don't even have to register with the system. It will be enough for them to follow the special link that you will share.

    3. Public subscriptions.png
    • Subscription with additional payment.If you want notifications on the channel to be received in the form of SMS, voice calls, messages in the Line messenger, check the boxes next to these recipients.

    Sending messages to these recipients is not included in subscription plans and will be charged additionally. Check the rates in the Pricing section.

    4. Paid recipients.png
    • Subscription through integrations. In addition to standard messengers, some SMS-notification services are available as recipients. If you already use any of these services and want to receive notifications there, first create an integration.
    5. Intagrations.png

    After that, the required service will appear in the Allow subscription through integrations section, and you can select it.

    6. Integrations.png
  3. Once you fill in all the fields, click on the Save button.

Now your channel will appear in the list on the main screen, you can add source(s), assign recipient(s) and start getting notifications sent from anywhere to anyone.