Notify.Events Messages

The Messages screen contains brief information about all notifications received by the channel for the entire period of its existence. You can access this screen from the channel management screen.

Notify.Events Messages screen - 1

The table on this screen displays:

  • Title - the specified name of the event or the title of the notification. By clicking on it, you can go to the message viewing screen and see the full message text and delivery details.
  • Preview - a small part of the notification text.
  • Priority - the priority assigned to the event: Lowest Low, Medium, High, Highest;
  • Level - the level assigned to the event: Verbose, Info, Notice, Warning, Error, Success;
  • Actions - actions applied by the subscriber in the chat. Available when delayed sending is configured.
  • Images - the number of images attached to the notification.
  • Files - the number of files attached to the notification.
  • Status - the status of sending the notification to the designated recipients. Green - notification is sent, gray - filtered, purple - in the queue, pink - sending error.
  • Created at - the date and time when the notification was sent.

The View button or click on the message name will open the message viewing screen in a new tab, where you can see its full text and delivery details.

The channel name button will return you to the channel management screen.

Notify.Events Messages screen - 2

Use the pagination buttons and arrows at the bottom of the screen to navigate.

Notify.Events Messages screen - pagination