Telegram Custom for business

To enable sending notifications through the Telegram Custom integration, you need to create a Telegram bot and get its API Token. This is available to any Telegram user.

View detailed instructions on how to create a Telegram bot using BotFather and get the token >>

But for everything to work, you need to configure the integration and enable subscription in the properties of your Notify.Events channel.

If at least one of these items has not been configured, you will see the following message at the stage of subscribing to the channel:

1 Notify.Events - Configure Integration message.png

Step 1. Configure integration

  1. Go to the Integration screen. This can be done via the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the screen. Make sure you are logged in to the system.
  2. 2 Notify.Events - Integrations.png
  3. Click on the Create button.
  4. 3 Notify.Events - create integration.png
  5. Click on the Telegram Custom card.
  6. 4 Notify.Events - Telegram Custom.png
  7. Enter your Telegram bot API Token and click the Save button.

See instructions on how to get the token >>

5 Notify.Events - enter API token.png

The created integration will now appear on the Integration screen.

6 Notify.Events - Telegram Custom integration  created.png

Step 2. Allow subscription

  1. Go to the channel properties via the Edit button on the main screen of the Control Panel or on the channel screen.
  2. 7 Notify.Events - edit channel.png
  3. Check the box next to Telegram Custom in the Allow subscription via integration field and click the Save button. Please note that Telegram Custom will be displayed in this field only after successfully completing Step 1.
8 Notify.Events - allow subscription.png

Step 3. Add the custom integration to the channel

After you have configured the Telegram Custom integration and allowed the subscription, you can add it to the selected channel as a recipient.

Since Telegram Custom assumes subscription only through the API, in order to start using it, you will need to configure the API.

See the Notify.Events API documentation >>

After full setup, you will be able to send notifications through your Telegram bot to clients or colleagues.

Where to get the Telegram bot API Token?

The API Token is generated automatically once the bot is live. To create a Telegram bot and get the token, follow these instructions:

  1. Log into Telegram using your username, find the user @BotFather in the search (or simply follow the link, and click the Start button.
  2. BotFather - Step 1.png
  3. In the dialog box that opens, run the command /newbot.
  4. BotFather - Step 2.png
  5. Think up and enter the name of your bot in any form.
  6. BotFather - Step 3.png
  7. Think up and enter a username for your bot that ends in `bot` (for example, NotifyBot or notify_bot). If the name is already taken, the bot will inform you about it.
  8. BotFather - Step 4.png
  9. Once the bot is created, you will receive a confirmation message, further instructions for setting up, and your personal token for accessing the API. This is exactly what we need.
BotFather - Step 5.png

Find out the token of an existing bot by running the /mybots command in a chat with BotFather and selecting API Token in the response message.

BotFather - Step 6.png

Full instructions for creating Telegram bots, as well as the available functionality are described on the official website of the messenger in the API > Bot API section.

After you have created your Telegram bot, insert the received token into the required field when setting up the integration and add the integration as a recipient to your Notify.Events channel.